Microsoft Jigsaw for Windows 8

Microsoft Jigsaw for Windows 8 1.1.1407

Image Microsoft Jigsaw for Windows 8 1.1.1407
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    Microsoft Studios

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    Windows 8.1/8

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    November 13, 2019

  • "Solve puzzles with Windows 8"

The puzzles amuse small children, adults and, in general, anyone willing to have a good time fitting a multitude of pieces. Microsoft Jigsaw for Windows 8 reproduces a series of very varied puzzles for you to have a great time for many hours.

The number of pieces can comprise a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 216. The higher the number, the greater the difficulty in trying to solve the puzzle, especially if you choose to face another player through the net. To appreciate in detail certain areas of the puzzle you have the possibility to increase the dimensions of the whole, allowing you to reduce them again at any time.

With Microsoft Jigsaw for Windows 8 you can enjoy both the included puzzles and the ones you shape yourself from the content of the photos you have stored in the memory unit. Achievements can be achieved regardless of the playable mode in which you are participating. In addition, each game session goes on to add to the title statistics.